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Discovery Central believes every child has the ability to bring something unique and special to our classroom each and every day. We believe children thrive in a loving, caring, and educationally enriched environment. Our space is developmentally appropriate which promotes independence and opportunities for children to feel successful and become responsible members of our classroom community.


Discovery Central knows every child learns differently. Various activities will be provided for each type of learner. Our curriculum is theme and literacy based. Monthly themes and supporting literature are planned at the beginning of each year and used as a guide. The children may also contribute to the curriculum through their curiosity and discoveries. We understand that children are more eager to learn about topics they are interested in and therefore we encourage their input.

We offer an individualized program that supports the strengths and responds to the needs of each child and family. Communication between parents and caregivers is encouraged in various ways such e-mail, telephone and face to face. Building a strong and trusting relationship is important to us.

Discovery Central believes in a positive disciple approach. With this approach, children are given the opportunity to make rules and expectations as group with the guidance of a teacher. This builds a sense of ownership and community. Each day provides many opportunities for problem solving. We support children with problem solving by modeling language and developing solutions together. Teachers approach discipline by setting limits with an emphasis on alternative ways to correct the behavior. These gentle reminders allow children to never feel humiliated or scolded. Our goal is to instill a love of learning. We believe with the right tools your child can build self-esteem, social relationships and the cognitive skills they will need for kindergarten and beyond.

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